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Keeping it cool at the new Papanui PAK’nSAVE

Opening of a new supermarket is no small undertaking, there’s just so much that goes into every aspect of such an enterprise, and the numbers are big as well. A 40 million dollar investment by Foodstuffs, over 300 staff, and of course the installation and operation of all the plant and equipment needed to bring fresh food and produce to the thousands of people that come through the doors everyday, all add up to a massive undertaking that requires razor-sharp planning and the input from many trade experts. That’s where we come into this story.

Panel Door systems are the experts when it comes to insulated door panels for hygiene and temperature controlled facilities. We were approached late last year to become part of the team installing the cool store and refrigeration units for the new Papanui PAK’nSAVE. 

Over the course of two months we installed ??? panel doors as well as the meat racks in the butchery department. Apart from a couple of snafus along the way, such as the wrong doors being ordered, we had a pretty smooth run.

The store is now open and our clients are more than satisfied with our handwork. We wish the whole team at PAK’nSAVE Papanui all the best for this exciting new development. As we move further into 2024, we’ll keep you posted on more of our projects.

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